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Better Attic - Better Living, Hot in Winter. Cool in Summer
Properly insulated attic will help reduce CONDENSATION AND ICE DAMMING
If you find vermiculite insulation in your attic, do not disturb it. Loose-fill vermiculite insulation may contain small amounts of asbestos, and youshould consult a professional.
Ventilation may reduce roof and ceiling temperatures, thus saving on heating & cooling costs and lengthening the roofs life.
Powered Attic Ventilation
Other factors that need to be considered
About 30% of the heat loss in a house is throught the attic
Does your home feel cold, even though you have your heating system turned up full-blast?
  • The reason might have nothing to do with your heating system.
  • The problem might have a lot more to do with your ATTIC.
  • When your heating system produces heat, scientifically, it always goes to the upper part of your house ceiling. So, in a home without enough insulation in it's ATTIC, there's very little chance to stop that heat from simply passing through the ceiling through the ATTIC.; and into the outside world.

    A house should have an insulation value of R-50
    In winter, ATTIC INSULATION stops the heat escaping through the house ceiling
    In summer, attic insulation stops the heat from the ATTIC entering into the house through the ceiling.
    Insulation helps to keep your house
    Warm in winter & Cool in summer
    With less energy used.
    1st Saving
    Less Heating Time = Less Gas Bill

    In winter, ATTIC INSULATION will stop the heat transfer from your house into the ATTIC. Insulation keeps the heat, which your furnace has produced, with your hard earned money in the house. By keeping the heat in, the furnace does not need to work as hard as before, since there is enough heat, which the insulation has helped to trap inside the house.

    2nd Saving
    Less Heating Time = Lower Electricity Bill

    A furnace uses electricity along with gas to produce heat. It has blower motors and other electronics inside that help the furnace to produce and circulate hot air in your house. So when the furnace works less, it saves on electricity and gas. Not to mention the comfort that INSULATION can bring.

    3rd Saving
    Less Furnace = More Lifetime

    Since, after insulating your ATTIC, the furnace needs to product less heat to keep your house warm, it does not have to work as hard as before. In a typical fully insulated house, the furnace works approximately 20% less than in a house that is under-insulated. Your furnace a life-expectancy that is 20% longer than a "regular" furnace. It also reduces the downtime and saves on repair and maintenance costs.

    4th Saving
    Less Heat = Less Air Conditioner

    In summer, attic insulation will stop the heat transfer from attic the into the house. It is the reverse of what it does in winter. Normally the roof heat from sun radiation gets stored under and into the attic. This heat gets transferred into the house through the ceiling into the top floor of the house (In summer, if your top floor is hotter than other floor, it's a good sign that you do not have enough insulation). Your air conditioner, which consumes 240V (more than double the voltage than other appliances), needs to work excessively to cool the hot air that got transferred from your attic into the house. Therefore, attic insulation in summer helps your house to stay cool by not letting outside heat to get transferred into the house. Your attic insulation helps you save money by letting your air conditioner work.

    5th Saving
    Less Air Conditioner Running Time = Less Electricity Bills

    The air conditioner is one of the main appliances that consumes high amounts of electricity. It is said that, it costs almost as much as it would cost to heat the house in winter. Insulating your attic along with other efficiency upgrades will drastically reduce your cooling costs.

    6th Saving
    Less Air Conditioner Running Time = More Air Conditioner Lifetime

    An air conditioner is one of the heavy working appliances that are very fragile. The less it works, the less chance there for to break down. Air conditioner repair can cost quite a lot of money. Having your house property sealed and insulated can reduce air conditioner usage, which can save on electricity, maintenance and repair costs.

    YES, it is true that attic insulation helps in winter and also in summer!
    7th Saving
    Better Insulation = Better roof

    When you let the heat escape into the ATTIC in the winter, It melts the ice on the roof. Due to sudden changes in temperate in night time, the melted ice changes back to frost ice. Due to this change, it damages the shingles.

    Lower Bills = Fat Wallet

    After all, it all comes down to our wallet. The whole purpose of insulation is to keep our house energy efficient by keeping the cooling & heating in. By keeping our house efficient, we get to keep our money in our wallet rather than paying for any escaped heat or cool air. A one time upgrade, like attic insulation, can bring savings throughout the year and for years to come, which have a higher ROI (Return Over Investment). An upgrade from R-12 to R-50 in the attic can give you a return of your investment in just 4 to 5 years. Moreover, it also creates a comfortable and healthier living space.

    Saving is not just in winter, but also in summer

    We park the truck on your driveway, which will have all the necessary machines and tool necessary to blow the insulation into the attic. The technician will take the hose right into the attic, where the hose will be used to transfer the insulation material from the machines into each and every spot of your attic.

    The technician will fix and/or install rafter vents, if required, before starting installing the insulation.
    Would you like to save on your Gas Bill?
    Would you like to save on your Electricity Bill?
    Would you like to increase your Furnace's life time?
    Would you like to increase your Air Conditioner's life time?
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    Better Attic - Better Living, Hot in Winter. Cool in Summer

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